by Phyllis M.

Trees of Joi was more than a purchase, it was a welcomed experience. There are so much extras needed during the holiday season. It was wonderful having someone who was patient and interested in what I needed. I had a wonderful consultation that considered my busy schedule and what I need my Christmas tree to convey.

My Christmas tree matched the décor of my office perfectly and reflected me and the message I wanted to communicate. My tree became the centerpiece of my office and I received daily compliments on how beautiful it was. Because the tree reflected the message that I wanted to convey, it helped to open conversations by the specific ornaments selected.

My tree was as beautiful in the second year as it was the first year. My tree is a beautiful pleasure.   

by Brenda J.

I purchased a 4 ft. Christmas tree after submitting pictures of my room decor to Ms. Edmunds. She created a lit Christmas tree that captured all the colors which were a combination of beige, ivory and several shades of brown. The tree was decorated with many unique Christmas ornaments that filled the tree out nicely.

We received many compliments; and highly recommend Ms. Edmunds to provide for your holiday needs. I give her 4.5 stars.

by Oscar P.

Thank you so much for the beautiful tree! It arrived on time and in excellent condition! Your tree brought us so much JOI during the holidays. Absolutely love it. 

by Julie A.

This is the first year I ordered from you and my tree was perfect. It is the perfect size and shape for my living room. You now have a new and very satisfied customer.

by Gina R.

Hey Kathy. Thank you for the birthday wishes. You know you saved my spirit the the day you let me buy that pretty tree in your office. When I first saw it I thought that is a really pretty tree and I want one. I went from store to store looking for a tree just like that buy. I had no idea you made them. Until I told you about my search. Then you told me you decorated your tree and thought about going into business doing just that, decorating Christmas trees and selling. The best tree I ever had ♥️.


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